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  • Discovery management from experimental design to analysis and writeup in the areas of experimental psychology and neuroscience, especially for projects related to intuition and unconscious processing. See this meta-analysis of predictive activity anticipating what should be unpredictable events, and this review paper on the same topic.
  • Pattern classification for large datasets to determine which factors are most predictive of a given outcome, as in this paper describing how Dr. Mossbridge and colleagues used neural activity from EEG to predict reading comprehension performance.
  • Preference and mood analysis using physiological data obtained on a large scale via a smart phone app customized to highlight differences in heart activity related during real-time experience. We will customize for your use with the technology developed for our heart-based decision support tool, Choice Compass.


  • Google and Google[x]: Created and delivered talks about prediction based on physiological signals. Available as needed for consulting and contract research work.
  • Intentional Intuition, LLC: Working with a military contractor to design experimental protocols to determine whether military and law enforcement intuition training is successful.
  • Samueli Institute: Part of a brainstorming group consisting of psychologists and military experts who aim to create an integrated definition of resilience and an understanding of how social, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional factors influence resilience in soldiers returning home. Available as needed for consulting and contract research work.
  • Monroe Institute: Designed, performed, analyzed and wrote up experiments to test the institute's claim that certain sounds positively influence cognition.
  • Bial Foundation: Over five years, received two grants to examine physiology related to future mood states, including pattern classification of physiological signals.
  • Deborah Zelinsky, O.D.: Designing experiments to test this innovate optometrist's ideas about auditory-visual timing and learning.

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