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Our Clients


  • Unnamed SV tech firms: (Present) Training in compassionate intuitive forecasting

  • SingularityNet: (Present) Project management, spokesperson & grant writing for Loving AI, AI enhancement project

  • community WISE: (Present) Project and Product Manager; STEMgal app

  • Jonathan Schooler: (Present) Project and Product Manager; Time Virtual Reality Machines

  • Focus@Will: (Present) Science Director; Examining the influence of streamlined music on cognition and mood

  • Soul Rider, LLC: (Past) Advisor for proprietary financial trading application

  • Hanson Robotics: (Past) Lead Robot Psychologist; Worked towards superbenevolent AI-embedded robots (Present) Principal Investigator and Team Lead for LOVING AIs project

  • IONS: (Past) Director of Innovation Lab and Staff Scientist (Present) Fellow

  • Bial Foundation: (Past) Principal Investigator; Conducted three research projects to examine predictive physiology

  • Intentional Intuition, LLC: (Past) Research consultant; Designed experimental protocols related to intuition training for law enforcement

  • Samueli Institute: (Past) Research consultant; Assisted team in creating an integrated definition of resilience

  • Monroe Institute: (Past) Research consultant; Tested the claim that certain sounds positively influence cognition


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