How did a woman dream of the details of her own death?

For the season finale of the Hibernation podcast, I helped delve into a family mystery rooted in dream science — where time travel, astral bodies, and love collide.

The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams

Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine.

How do you describe your occupation?

Lately, I call myself a futurist. That’s because I focus on doing research and creating technology that supports what I believe to be the most hopeful future direction of humanity….

Everything You Need to Know About Sophia’s Robot Love

Dr. Julia Mossbridge is the first to admit she’s a little woo-woo. After all, she believes in unconditional love…

Sensing the Future

Precognitive dreams are the most common way people perceive future events…

The Alchemy of Love

Exploring the possibility of being loved unconditionally by an Artificial Intelligence.

Neuroscientist Discusses Precognition – or ‘Mental Time Travel’

There are rules of the physical world that don’t apply to the mental world. You can fly in a dream. You can imagine…

The Most Important Psychology Books

I have had the pleasure of interviewing some wonderful minds from the world of psychology. Psychology is a subject with a vast array of subsections that can be delved into.

The (Really) Astonishing Hypothesis: Looking into the Future

An impossible hypothesis is tested scientifically

Robotic Revolution

When one of the moderators at a plenary session on artificial intelligence at the recent 2018 Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson asked how many people in the audience were freaked out by the prospect of super-intelligent AI, I raised my hand without hesitating… I mean, aren’t we all?

Development vs. Civilization Vis-à-Vis Artificial Intelligence Takeoff

The existence of laws has made society more developed.

When Major Disasters Happen, Many Reportedly Foresee Them in Dreams

A sixth sense seems to kick in when disaster strikes…

Can a Robot Teach You to Love?

Have you ever observed a class for children on the process of making social connections?…

Can Your Robot Love You?

How scientists are betting on unconditional love as the greatest AI hack…

Einstein vs. The Clash: How I Used Music to Hack My Brain

I get my brainwaves scanned to see whether a concentration app that uses music can help achieve that all-important flow…

Can Music Really Improve Your Attention Span?

In the few hours I’ve spent trying to write this article, I’ve picked up my phone half a dozen times, opened…

This Company is Helping Silicon Valley Workaholics Chill Out

It turns out that people, like machines, need maintenance. That’s where IONS and its mindfulness for geeks comes in…