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Founder and Research Director

Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD

In addition to being the founder and research director of Mossbridge Institute, LLC, Dr. Mossbridge is a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department  at Northwestern University, a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Science Director at Focus@Will Labs, and an Associated Professor in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Her focus is on teaching and learning about love and time, and she pursues this focus by speaking about love and time, leading projects, conducting research, and coaching technology executives and engineers.

She is currently engaged in four love-centered projects:  1) LOVING AIs, a project designed to bring unconditional love into artificial intelligence (especially artificial general intelligence), 2) a project in which she is examining whether hypnosis can be used to induce a state of unconditional love, 3) The Calling, her current book project about how love gets translated into life purpose, and 4) consciously bringing unconditional love into the lives of the tech workers and executives she coaches.

Dr. Mossbridge's interest in how time is perceived by unconscious and conscious processes has led her to examine aspects of both cognitive and perceptual timing (e.g., order effects on reading comprehension, perceptual integration across senses) as well as controversial reverse-temporal effects (covered in ABC News 20/20Wall Street Journal Ideas MarketFox News and other mainstream media outlets). She is also the 2014 winner of the Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions award for this work. She is currently working with bestselling author Theresa Cheung on a book related to this work, The Premonition Codeto be released in October 2018 from Watkins Media.

Julia's Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders is from Northwestern University, her M.A. in Neuroscience is from the University of California at San Francisco, and she received her B.A. with highest honors in neuroscience from Oberlin College. She also invented and patented Choice Compass, a physiologically based decision-making app. A peer reviewer for Brain ResearchPsychological BulletinPerception, Cognition, PLoS OneExplore, and Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaDr. Mossbridge received funding from the National Institutes of Health in her role as post-doctoral member of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Dr. Mossbridge is also the author of Unfolding: The Perpetual Science of Your Soul's Work (New World Library, 2002) and The Garden: An Inside Experiment. She is also the co-author, with Imants Baruss, of Transcendent Mind: Re-thinking the Science of Consciousness.


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Associated Scholar

Yale Landsberg, MS

In addition to his role as an Associated Scholar at Mossbridge Institute, Yale Landsberg invented and patented the TrueTyme circadian and circalunar natural time clock, invented Beth El Mathematics, which is the basis for a course in Soft Logic and Numbers now being taught at Tel Aviv University, and developed a new "Mobelisk" way of constructing a Möbius Strip, which can lead to the construction of a three dimensional container whose inside is its outside and vice versa.

Landsberg's focus is on understanding time, space, and humanity's relationship to both. He can be reached at yalelandsberg at gmail dot com.

A.B. Physics, Math minor. Hunter College, City University of New York.

M.S., Operations Research. New York University, School of Engineering and Science.

Work experience includes: 

Computer Applications Engineer, Norden Division of United Aircraft.

Computer Applications Analyst, Corporate Marketing Division of General Foods.

Senior Technical Consultant in the EDP/Management Sciences Practice Group of McKinsey & Company.

Computer Performance Consultant at Boole&Babbage

As a salesman and sales agent launched breakthrough computer technologies such as Boole&Babbage software and hardware monitors. the ADABAS DBMS (pre-cursor of today's Software AG Big Storage), and the Teleview VTAM Session Switcher.

Pre-sales & Marketing Consultant to ANDOR, reported directly to Dr. Gene Amdahl, CEO/Chairman. Dr. Amdahl was the Chief Architect of the IBM 360 mainframe computer.



Executive ASsistant

Brenna Barry-Martinez

Brenna is the part-time Executive Assistant at Mossbridge Institute. With her B.S. in Nonprofit Management from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, she is passionate about helping nonprofits and small businesses thrive through her work at Barry VA Solutions.